How did I get into comping?

Well I guess I started entering the odd competition as a teen from my magazines and my first ever win was Boyzone Live At Wembley VHS.  Yes I am showing my age!   I didn’t take entering competitions seriously until I came down with ME/Chronic Fatigue syndrome at 16.   I was housebound for 7 years and was very poorly but on “better” days very bored so my Mum bought me my first computer and I discovered the world of comping for FREE on the internet.    I could sit and enter as many as I wanted and get random prizes turning up at my door, most I didn’t even know I had won.  Safe to say I was hooked from then.     

I have only the last 3 years or so started keeping track of my wins each year so it’s impossible to add up how many prizes I have won or the value of them but with a car, 10+ holidays, cash, tvs, game consoles etc I would have a guess at over £50,000 worth of prizes and all for taking some time to sit and enter competitions.


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