Homemade butter and buttermilk

Scones are one of my staple bakes (will upload that recipe next).  I’ve always loved to make them and served them with jam and clotted cream or lots of lovely butter.   I’d always thought about making my own butter but never got around to it.  So when I wanted to make the scones  I had a carton of double cream in the fridge (heavy cream if you’re reading in America) so a quick look in one of my recipe books and 15 mins later my own butter.     If you fancy making your own it’s very simple and only 2 ingredients!  Checkout the recipe below

Homemade Butter 

What you will need

1 Carton of double (heavy) cream.  Size depending on how much you want to make.  I used a pint tub

Salt (optional but gives a nice flavour)


Pour the milk into your Kitchenaid, you can use a electric hand whisk and set to a medium speed.  I do it on 5.  Leave to whisk.  You’ll see it eventually come to a whipped cream texture but keep going.  Eventually it will start to separate and look like crumble or as I say scrambled egg, at this point it will start to let out the buttermilk so look wet so you may need your guard on your whisk as it does start to splatter.    The final stage will be the whisk drawing up all the butter and leaving the butter milk separate     20160612_152348

The butter milk can be bottled and kept in the fridge for 3 days.  It can be used in pancakes or to me as it’s not as tart/sour as the buttermilk you purchase in the supermarket I think it’s great on cereal as it tastes like watery cream.  If you are looking for buttermilk like the one you buy just add 2 spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt (unsweetened) to the buttermilk and it will have that sour taste.

Next step it to get a sieve or colander and add the butter to it with a bowl or jug underneath and then you need to keep flattening the butter until all the liquid comes out so the butter doesn’t feel wet anymore.  I use a spatula to keep folding, pressing etc.   You should then end up with something that looks like this


Now you can add salt if you want a salted butter, add to taste.  I usually to a pint of cream add quarter of a teaspoon of table salt.     Stir well then add to an air tight jar and keep in the fridge which will last for upto 4 weeks.  Perfect to serve with scones or like in the picture below my homemade bread rolls from the recipe I uploaded last week.  Enjoy! 

20160614_183908 20160612_165116


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