Getting my juice on

The sun is shining, Andy Murray has just won Wimbledon, summer is here so I have been thinking of ways to make some refreshing summer drinks and sorbets and what better way than with my Panasonic Slow Juicer!

I was very impressed by the sound of it as it not only juices it will also make frozen yogurts, sorbets and as I found playing around milkshakes!     The first look of it had me excited and waiting to invent!  It’s a slim juicer and doesn’t take up much room on the worktop and it’s got a clean, stylish look so will fit into any kitchen.

20160701_114327 20160706_184845

The first thing I decided to have a go at was a juice and after deciding which to go for I decided on Mango, Watermelon and Apple.   

20160706_190718.jpg 20160706_191018

Next up was a red berry juice.  I decided on Raspberries, Strawberries, Blackberry, Blueberry and grape.   What I love about this juicer is how quiet it is, can barely hear it when it’s going.  There are 2 separate exits for the juice and the pulp/skin so you get a nice smooth juice.  Great for a quick juice, no faffing with peeling

20160706_185456   20160706_191402

Up next for a trial I did a dairy free protein milkshake/smoothie.   Ingredients were banana, almond milk, cocoa powder and smooth peanut butter.   For this I needed to add the blue frozen attachment to get a better mix as it was a little thicker.   The juicer had no problems at all combining all the ingredients into a smooth milky texture.  Perfect for a no dairy protein treat.  I find these will be great to start the day or after the gym

20160709_155504 20160709_160724

To make sure I had tried every attachment so I could give an honest review the next thing was a Raspberry frozen yogurt.   All I can say it wow, this is amazing!!!!!   Again using the blue attachment I added frozen raspberries, greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey to taste depending on how tart/sweet you want your yogurt to be.

20160709_154006 20160709_154641

Finally a refreshing sorbet.   Great for this warm weather or at the end of the meal as a refreshing finish.    I decided on peach, pear and strawberry.  To make a sorbert or frozen yogurt make sure your fruit is frozen first as this is what helps it set.  Again using the blue attachment I added a combination of all 3.  The sorbet comes out as a smooth ground frozen sorbet texture.  No ice needed! Infact ice cannot me used in the machine so stay clear.

20160709_152826 20160709_153045

So my honest review?  I love this machine!!! The Panasonic Slow Juicer is so much more than your average juicer. It makes juice, sorbets, frozen yogurts, milkshakes and smoothies.  The machine is very quiet unlike a lot of other juicers.  It also comes very easy to assemble that even someone like me not great with gadgets can figure out.   Very easy to clean to.  It comes with it’s own small cleaning brush to get into the harder to reach places.       The only thing for me if I had to choose something bad was the £199 price tag was a little more than I would spend on a juicer but because of all it does and how easy it is to use I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.   A great little machine.  A big thumbs up in this house!   


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